Maxway Technology 2023 Annual Commendation and 2024 New Year Celebration Gala

Release time:2024-01-29 Source: Maxway Technology

The Maxway Technology 2023 Annual Commendation and 2024 New Year Celebration Gala were grandly held at the Fuli Wanli Hotel in Huizhou.



Guo Min, General Manager of Maxway Technology Co., Ltd., led a team of executives to gather with all employees of Maxway to witness the new atmosphere at the beginning of the new year and draw a blueprint for future development. A year of hard work brings a new charm. The annual grand ceremony of high standards, high standards, and high standards inspires all Maxway people to never forget their original aspirations, create new achievements, and gather magnificent strength for the new year's journey.



One of the highlights of the evening party is undoubtedly the leader's speech. Mr. Guo reviewed the achievements of the past year and looked forward to future development. And it has depicted a grand development blueprint for Maxway's future, pointing out the direction of sailing forward.



Mr. Guo personally led the executive team to sing "Beyond Dreams". The singing not only ignites our passion, but also leads us towards higher goals.