At Maxway we believe that we earn your continuous trust as Your reliable partner for EMS by always delivering products that meet or exceed your quality requirements. We employ a strict Quality Management System (QMS) to control the whole production process, so that quality is assured at every level of assembly.

Continual Improvemenis initiated through the use of quality policy, quality objective, analysis of data, corrective and preventive actions and management review. This requirement covers both the reactive and proactive action of improvement.

The reactive action are those actions taken to address nonconformities of products, processes and systems such as the correction taken on nonconformity or a defect and the follow-up corrective action to remove the root causes of the nonconformity. This is referred to as problem solving or problem resolution process and is a reactive action.

The cycle ensures rigor that is necessary to understand all aspect of the improvement opportunities and for considering multiple options. Apart from the data analysis tools, CI tools include creativity tools, quality function deployment, and what-if analysis, in the context of CI, it is necessary to focus on customer wants and needs in more depth in order to be able to develop improvement option. This will demand more sophisticated research approaches and the requirement to obtain additional customer data to determine the scope of the improvement.