Critical for Maxway is to understand how your business functions so that we can best align us to your business strategy.

On engagement, Maxway will appoint an account manager, who will establish various communication channels to quickly understand your needs.

As the focal contact window between customers and Maxway, the account manager works hard to expand your business and gain your confidence based on our ability to perform it at all levels, i.e. communication, quotation, prototype, quality and supply chain.

The account manager will rapidly assemble, manage, and drive, a customer focus team (CFT) unique to your requirements.

A typical CFT is comprised of Account Management, Supply Chain, Quality and Production Engineering, each of which is fully encouraged to enhance the channel of communication with their customers' counterpartner to avoid misunderstanding or delay.

The CFT will address all issues swiftly to ensure your needs and expectations are exceeded. Our effectiveness can be measured by our on-time delivery and quality performance.