The Recovery(Resumption of Work)--- Better taking care of company employees’ health protection, at the same time secure the on time delivery to the customers during CIVID local control period

During the Chinese New Year, an epidemic swept across the Shiyan area of Shenzhen where the company was located on January 31. The epidemic is called "0131". In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, the local government and the community have isolated and medically monitored the Luozu community where the epidemic is concentrated.

Medical personnel conduct medical monitoring of the population in the affected area

A total of 16 cases have been reported in this outbreak. Fortunately, thanks to everyone's efforts, the outbreak has been brought under control since February 6. February 7, 2022 is the last day of the Chinese New Year holiday. It was originally scheduled to resume work on February 8, but since the workplace is a public place where people gather, in order to protect the health of employees and comply with local health regulations, the company began to postpone the resumption of work.

The joy of the workers in overcoming the epidemic

The good news is that after 14 days of no new cases, the Shiyan area of Shenzhen decided to lift the isolation and medical monitoring from February 20, so the company decided to officially resume work and production on February 21, 2022. During the shutdown period, Maxway Technology still delivered according to the delivery time agreed by the customer. This is because the management of Maxway Technology completed the production of some goods ahead of schedule to prevent delays due to emergencies such as the pandemic.

February 21 was a rainy day. In order to bring good luck and confidence to the employees, the company's security staff waited for the arrival of each employee at the check-in desk at work with an umbrella and gave everyone a New Year's red envelope, which means that the rain can wash away the disease and bad luck.

New Year's red envelopes issued to each employee